Kopi Tubruk, Freshly Ground of Heaven

kopi tubruk freshly ground of heaven

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An authentic cup of Java, known as kopi tubruk, is often called “mud coffee,” this thick slurry is not for dainty drinkers. Let the grounds settle to the bottom of the cup before you drink it.

Kopi tubruk’s simple recipe is said to have been brought over to Indonesia by Middle Eastern traders. The method is very similar to a Turkish or Greek coffee.


Strong, sweet, definitely a cup to be sipped leisurely. Some tubruk brewers swear by fine grinds, which give a stronger flavor despite a bit more silt in your cup. With condensed milk, this brew is rich like melted ice cream.


How Pak Man prepares it for you
In a mug, he spoons in two teaspoons of medium grinds and one of sugar (you can always add more to taste). Then he adds boiling water and let the coffee “cook” until the grinds settle to the bottom. Water temperature is the trickiest part of the process; a crazy boil may give you an acidic cup, but a too-low temperature means grinds stay floating on the surface.


Ask him to add sweetened condensed milk to make a kopi susu (traditional latte).