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Where will our frustrated wanderlust take us in the year ahead? Jo Davey has shortlisted the destinations with exceptional offerings on the horizon, to help you rediscover the joy of exploration along the roads less travelled

Lombok Indonesia

Sunrise paints Mount Rinjani’s crater a soft palette of pink and yellow, as tufts of clouds dissipate over the teal waters of Segara Anak Lake. From here, it’s easy to see why the lake earned its name, meaning ‘child of the sea’. Just above the volcano’s ridge, the Java Sea stretches into the sun-dyed horizon. This is Lombok: an Indonesian island long overshadowed by its big-hitting neighbour Bali — a fact that’s definitely in its favour. Less crowded with little-known beaches and an undeveloped, wild north perfect for adventure, Lombok is where you go to unwind and re-learn how to be good to yourself. Around the active volcano, hot springs bubble up and pour over crags to fill cloudy, mineral-rich pools so relaxing you have to be careful not to nod off. To the north, waterfalls cool the air near the mountain base town of Senaru, where Tiu Kelep roars through the thick forest greenery, plummeting into a swimming pool below. The land levels out to the south and west, where rainforests turn to ivory beaches, historic temples and local life. Culture and cuisine meet at Ampenan and Pemenang food markets, which overflow with Sasak specialities and Indonesian classics. Try ayam taliwang, chicken grilled with a layer of fiery sambal and shrimp paste; succulent sate bulayak, meat cooked in coconut leaves; mouthwatering blocks of tempe and tofu; and nasi puyung, the spiciest rice dish in the island. To cool off, look to the Indonesian South Sea: snorkel its rich reefs, surf its waves or see how locals use it to farm some of the finest pearls in the world. Stay at luxury Tugu Lombok in Pemenang or stunning Rinjani Lodge in Senaru and road-trip your way around the island by private driver via the hotel. Or take a food, beaches, waterfalls or temples themed local-led day tour with Magnificent Lombok.

Travel Details

Doubles at Hotel Tugu Lombok or Rinjani Lodge cost from £75.
Day tours from £100 for 4 people.