The Beauty of Mt. Butak, East Java

One way to discover the beauty of East Java from above, over the blanket of cloud, is to hike Mt. Butak. Located in between the city of Blitar & Malang with elevation of 2.868 meters & categorized as non-volcanic, the other uniqueness of this mountain lay on this one spot called Cemoro Kandang, a large beautiful grass savanna, which is considered a rare contour for many hiking enthusiasts. When viewed from the eastern side of Malang, together with Mt. Kawi & Mt.Panderman, the combined landscape of these 3 mountains resemble the shape of a Putri Tidur or Sleeping Princess.

The trail of Mt. Butak has only become popular for the past few years due to the sharp slope of the track, but once you have reached the summit, be ready for the magnificent view of Mt. Semeru, Panderman, Arjuna, Lawu & Welirang.

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