The Sacred Dance of Rejang

Rejang dance is an ancient dance that was traditionally performed in temple ceremonies. Performed by girls before they reach puberty, this is a sacrificial dance in which the girls offer themselves to the gods. The dancers require no prior training, in a belief that the spirit of ‘ngayah’ (sincere offering to the Gods) would guide them to perform the dance movements harmoniously; many times, in a dreamy trance-like state of consciousness.

In a mission to preserve these magical dances of Bali, Rejang dance is one of the dances performed in the Cultural Evening event at Hotel Tugu Bali every Thursday, which guests can enjoy with no entrance fee.

It is also the name of some of the suites in the hotel, which many see as treehouses. Located on the upper floors of charming Javanese houses, Rejang Suite boasts an antique timber interior, rich deep colors, a unique carved four-poster elegant bed, and luxurious silver-hammered bathtubs handcrafted by local artisans -all complemented with an ocean view.

To book your table at Hotel Tugu Bali’s Cultural Evening or to stay at the beautiful Rejang suite you can visit our website at or email us at .