Welcome to the Gu! Where you can find the best sunset spot Canggu

best sunset spot Canggu

What’s the one that is always happening in Bali? Ask around and most of the answer will lead to watching sunset in Canggu, known by its hip name ‘the Gu’. Located on Bali’s south coast and dubbed as the “new Seminyak”. Canggu is known for its terrific rolling waves, dark coloured sand beaches, fantastic food, and the breathtaking Bali sunsets that you can enjoy during the evening times. But the question is – where is the best sunset spot Canggu?

Batu Bolong, Canggu

best sunset spot Canggu

Image courtesy of @ritalwy

With rows of exciting restaurants and beach clubs at Jalan Batu Bolong, which is also considered as one of the most popular area among surfers, is loved by digital nomads, foodies, and yogis alike looking to experience the fun at hipster center. There are many ways to enjoy Canggu’s crimson red sunset, but for us nothing beat the killer combination of sunset, sparkling Canggu sea, fresh sushi on the table, and a glass of quirky Asian cocktails.

Ji Restaurant Bali

best sunset spot Canggu

Image courtesy of @nati_tringali

Grab a seat with your loved ones and catch a front-row seat and watch the sun dip in the horizon at Ji Restaurant Bali. Perched on one of the highest vantage points along the Canggu coastline, if you’re looking for sunset and sea views for as far as the eye can see; this is where you’ll find 180 degrees of undisturbed vistas.

best sunset spot Canggu

Image courtesy of @zazievilla

Adhering to WHO’s highest standard of hygiene and strict sanitizing protocols, you are able to enjoy scrumptious various kind of sushi, Modern Japanese foods, and modern Asian cocktails and while soaking in fresh air.

Pssstt, Ji is also serving a variety of popular breakfast smoothie bowls, gourmet egg dishes, freshly baked breads & pastries, Indonesian-style breakfasts, as well as sweeter plates of French toast that guaranteed to satisfy even the most finicky of gourmand.


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