10 Best Resorts in Lombok for Honeymoon (gotravelnesia.com)

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Writer: Febri Kartika Sari


Most people’s perception of a honeymoon is that a newlywed couple goes to visit a romantic place. Not wrong but not entirely true, because hotels in Lombok for honeymoons are not only for young couples who have just married. For couples who have been married for a long time can also plan a honeymoon. Because the essence of a honeymoon is to forge a more intimate pair of lovers without being distracted by any disturbance.

Usually to create a romantic atmosphere, couples prefer private accommodations that have a natural background around them. For example, hotels that have direct views of the beach, sea, mountains or plantation areas. Generally, Bali is a honeymoon destination. However, try moving to the island on the east side, namely West Nusa Tenggara, precisely in Lombok. Its natural beauty is not only in the form of beaches, there are other natural attractions such as Mount Rinjani that you can visit with your partner. There are several hotel recommendations in Lombok for a honeymoon that can be used as a reference.

Tugu Lombok Hotel

The uniqueness offered by Tugu Lombok Hotel is indeed different when compared to other hotels. This five-star hotel that carries the theme of ethnic buildings with a traditional, unique taste and away from the crowds is inspired by Hindu temples. Suitable for you and your partner who want to enjoy their honeymoon like a king and queen. The hotel also has a direct view of Sire Beach. The luxurious interior combined with various antiques makes this hotel has its own characteristics.

There are three types of accommodation available, namely bungalows, villas and suites. Of course, each room option has a price that is comparable to the facilities obtained. Bungalow type has a price range from 2 million rupiah to 3 million rupiah per night, villa type from 2.5 million rupiah to 3.5 million rupiah per night. While the most exclusive type is the suite type with prices ranging from 4.5 million rupiah to 8.5 million rupiah per night.

The most visible difference between the three is in terms of the availability of a private swimming pool and the view outside the room which directly leads to the beach which feels like it has a private beach. There is also a special honeymoon package that offers romantic sunset sailing where you and your partner will enjoy a soak in a private jacuzzi and enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner on a Naga boat called Naga Mesem.