The Luxury of Batik Keraton, Embroidery and Jewelry Exhibition & Sale at Hotel Tugu Malang

luxury of batik kraton

Batik in Indonesia has been recognized since the seventeenth century and is written and painted on palm leaves. Centuries ago early batiks were adorned with patterns of animals or plants. Later batik paintings showed abstract patterns such as clouds, temple relief, puppets and many more designs. The patterns vary according to the local culture and …

Jubileum 100 Jaaren Kunstkring: A Private Collection of Tugu Hotels

jubilee celebrating 100 years of kunstkring

Stretching far since hundreds of years ago, the Indonesian archipelago has a historically distinguished diversity in population. This diversity has forged the fascinating uniqueness of cultures, as well as profound sensitivity and respect for the historical and artistic value of various art works from around the world. The inequality of information dissemination and the domination …