Sampling The Best Of Malang Street Food

Malang is famous for one of the best street foods in Java and even in Indonesia, and we are excited to take you on a tour of our most favorite sellers, most of which have already existed since we were but little children. There is nothing better than begin your day at this well-known breezy town by sipping the hot freshly-roasted Tugu Kawisari Coffee and tour the city on bicycles or rickshaw, while you enjoy the cool weather of Malang as you stop for warm conversations with the sellers behind the cart, and listen to stories about Malang history right from the natives. The Rawon Malang, black kluwek nut beef soup with fragrant broth and coriander, is a must, as well as the Rujak Petis, the tofu, tempeh, and vegetables drenched in flavorful shrimp paste sauce muddled on stone pestle. Bakso (meatballs in its own bone broth) is probably the most popular street food in the whole of Indonesia, but any Indonesian knows that the best one is from Malang. Finally, no visit to Malang should end before trying the Cwiemie, fresh homemade egg noodle with mince chicken, dumplings and crispy shallots.

Feeling lazy to go out of the hotel? How lucky that Hotel Tugu Malang where you are staying at caters the best and most complete street food dishes, right at the legendary Melati Restaurant, with its ‘street food encyclopedia’ of the most complete Malang street food dishes with over 150 dishes to choose from.
(Fun fact: not only that every president of Indonesia eat at Melati Restaurant in the past 20+ years because the food is deliciously nostalgic& endearing, but the kitchen team of Melati has also catered to their every location during their year-long presidential election trip)
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