Waroeng Jawa at Hotel Tugu Sri Lestari, an Afternoon Tea Experience

Spending time at our hotels is not just about the comfort of the rooms but also about immersing in the local cultures and experiences, which the hotel extends to the guest. For example, each hotels has their own signature afternoon tea time showcasing various traditional delicacies.

High teas at Tugu Hotels is are complimentary for all staying guests where they can spend their late afternoon reading, enjoying the ambience or just having a nice conversation.

Although each hotels has their own uniqueness, there is one thing that can only be experienced in Waroeng Jawa, Hotel Tugu Sri Lestari Blitar; its humble traditional Javanese-style stall lit by oil lamps. In the past, it was attended by the charming Mbah Man (Grandfather Man), a sweet Javanese man with the warmest toothless smile with his humblest Javanese hospitality who has been working at the hotel since he was a young boy.

A popular local meeting point, outside guests are also welcomed to join the afternoon tea session which will surely make anyone feel like they are the part of the local culture and family.

For further information about the Afternoon Tea, guest can directly contact Tugu Hotels property in which city the guest prefers.